Friday, 15 July 2016

City Cat

City Cat

Every day I prowl through the bustling hot streets,
Rumbling sounds of cars, trams and loud horns hoot.
People flood the cobbled dusty long paths,
And seagulls caw from up above spying for stolen bread.

The beautiful Ezan sings out making the streets more serene,
Spiritual, peaceful, and exhilarating the atmosphere does seem.
Sometimes I get chased at, kicked or spat on,
But still I continue, proudly purring to those with kind hands.

I have no particular aim in life,
I hunt for food daily, thankful for the odd tit-bits.
I see and hear lots of things every day,
And it’s these street secrets that keep my smug face lit.

Wild dogs bound around impishly, flea-ridden and thin,
Their quite tame but just like to act like silly fools.
I don’t need to give thought to them,
Independently I live and breathe without a care.

Colours astonishing rainbows delight,
Smells that make your stomach twist in pleasure.
Grilled, freshly baked or delicious sweet perfume,
Warm sun that bleeds your skin and fur to health.

Glittering sea sprinkled with exportation ships,
Islands and green mountains line the horizon.
Over the high bridge is one of my best places,
The men in their hats, raising and drawing in their rods;
Quick and fast I must be to jump on a fresh catch!

Oh, there could be no better life,
Living on the free wild side,
No worries and woes,
Trekking through my favourite busy city.


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