Thursday, 28 July 2016

Little Lady Bird of Hope

Little Ladybird

Wrapped and sent down to earth so delicately,
Specially chosen and webbed with the fate of hope,
Gruesomely exploded into this world,
By a lazy and selfish heart, whilst the other half sits helpless.

Cruelness, spiteful trickery engulfed this little ladybird,
Only her wishes lifted her from her hurt.
Forces of wickedness dampened the sensitive’s spirit,
I must keep wishing and fly one day she thought.

As the years went by the little ladybird grew bright,
Red and spotted dots that shone for miles.
Sweet and kind with the softest of heart how unfortunate,
This brought her no help, it only brought more pain.

I am soon to fly said the little ladybird,
Soon I will be free to flee from these evil clutches.
They continue to curse and torment her,
Wrapped in their life long stupidity.

They shall see one day what they've done to me,
The little ladybird shall keep quite until then.
One day they'll see me soar up high,
My wishes shall be seen.

Pretty little ladybird now with wings of steal,
Rusty red with shattered spots that have been indented.
Fire flows from within her bones and belly ready for release,
Melted chains you she scorched, ascending high into her dreams.


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