Friday, 24 June 2016

When the Penny Drops

When the Penny Drops

My jaw drops
As my eyes pop,
I'm in a complete state of shock.

My heart drops
With a thud down to my feet,
Still pumping but weak.

Realisation drops
With a plop,
At the reality of the scene.

Fear drops
Running ice through my veins,
Please keep fighting I scream.

Suddenly his eyes drop
Droopily along with his fighting arms,
And his neck flops over to one side.

The penny drops
The air silently still,
We squeeze hands as he passes.

Tears drop
From our red veined eyes,
Freshly ripped wounds in our hearts.

A piece of soul drops
From ourselves we have lost,
An amazing piece of our family.

The coffin drops
Down into the ground,
Prayers and memories we share aloud.

Now our heads drop
Staring at our beloved photos,
Oh Granpa how we miss you.


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