Sunday, 11 December 2016

A Jolly Holly Time

Darkness dims the chilly days,
Christmas street lights lighten the way,
Bringing cheer to all that see.

Crowds hustle and bustle along the streets,
Hands filled with swinging plastic bags,
From the lining of their purses do their pennies leak.

It's a jolly holly time,
A time for giving to all those in need,
Charity, forgiveness and love that shines.

Nativity plays that pride the hearts of parents,
Christmas parties, drinks and celebrations,
What a most wonderful time of year.

Together with family to seal the bonds,
Treating others, and indulging gluttonous galore,
An annual tribute and singalong to the song of praise.

Children trying their best behaviour,
Fears of elves scribbling their names on the naughty list,
Mothers patience they do test.

Present wrapping, bows and string,
Baubles, lights, tinsel and paper chains,
An angel guarding at the top of the tree.

Listen out for the bells in the night,
The rooftop thump and chimney soot,
Father Christmas plants his delights.

Waking up joyous and full of glee,
The most happiest day of year,
Presents piled high under the Christmas tree.

A prayer to God for the feast we eat,
Big or small, we thank the lord for our sweet soundness,
Our house, health, warmth and happiness.

Please help those who are not as fortunate,
Let's take a minute to ask help for them,
Count our blessings but lest not forget.

Such a jolly holly time,
Merry Christmas to one and all,
May the new year bring you all that you wish.


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