Wednesday, 20 April 2016

Ella and Budge's walk

" Walkie’s Budge." Ella sung waving Budge's blue lead.
"Woof! Woof!" Budge barked sticking out her long pink tongue.
"We are going to Granpappy's house." Ella said as she slipped Budge's lead on. Ella and Budge the basset hound walked happily down the road together.
Budge spotted some squirrels up a tall tree.
"Woof! Woof!" She barked.
" Come on Budge, we're going to see Granpappy." Said Ella. As they walked on, Budge chased some birds that were pecking at some breadcrumbs.
" Woof! Woof!" Barked Budge.
" Come on Budge! We're going to visit Granpappy." Ella said as she pulled on Budge's lead. Soon they were walking past a small supermarket when Budge pulled and ran away into the shop.
"Come here Budge! You naughty Doggy!" Ella called out. Budge was running fast her shiny wet nose sniff-sniffing, leading her into the shop and all the way to..... Granpappy! Ella found Budge wagging her long tail and dribbling all over Granpappy who stood laughing. "You clever doggy." Ella and Granpappy laughed as they walked outside together. Granpappy had gone to the shop for some treats for tea.
" Come on Budge, time for tea at Granpappy's." Ella said happily.
" Woof! Woof!" Budge Barked happily.


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